• We have a number of research interests with proven experience of research in:
  • Autonomic function testing
  • Rehabilitation and balance assessment
  • GI Physiology
  • Lower GI treatment

Recent papers published:

Thomas S, Fazakarley L, Thomas PW, Brenton S, Collyer S, Perring S, Scott R, Galvin K, Hillier C. Testing the feasibility and acceptability of using the Nintendo Wii in the home to increase activity levels, vitality and well-being in people with multiple sclerosis (MiivitaliSe): protocol for a pilot randomised controlled study. BMJ Open 2014;4:e005172. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-005172.
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Automated identification of peristaltic pressure waves in oesophageal manometry investigations using the rolling correlation technique. S Perring and E Jones. Physiol. Meas. 30 (2009) 1241-1250.
Laboratory-Free Measurement of Gait Rhythmicity in the Assessment of the Degree of Impairment and the Effectiveness of Rehabilitation in Patients with Vertigo Resulting from Vestibular Hypofunction. S Perring and T Summers. Physiological Measurement (2007) 28: 697-705.
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A Novel Accelerometer Tilt Switch Device for Switch Actuation in the Profoundly Disabled Patient. S Perring, A Summers, E Jones, F Bowen, K Hart. Arch Phys Med and Rehab, (2003) 84:921-3.
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